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What if the job you took to stay alive might be what kills you? Kade knows what it is to suffer. He knows what it's like to lose everything and everyone around him. His job in a Stormer Unit guarantees not just his survival in the decimated country of Azetaria, but his sister Meg's. Even if it means facing the Numachi warriors baying for his blood, he'll do what it takes to keep her safe. Hadley is alone and surviving the only way she knows how. By hiding where predators won't find her and scavenging enough just to keep her alive. When desperation drives Hadley to search for her missing brother, she mistakenly accepts the offer of recruitment into the Stormer's camp, only to be partnered with Kade and sent as a scout into Numachi territory. The intimidating young Stormer may just know where her brother has gone. But can they stay alive long enough to find him? ...

Title : Retrieve
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ISBN : 42854173
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 170 pages
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Retrieve Reviews

  • Grace Morris

    4.5 Stars! <3 =D

    Let the fandom come with all of its awesomeness that this book brings. Because it was just AWESOME!!!

    So we have this really cool plot of trying to rescue a princess and nothing is going right, and they are in enemy territory.

    Did I mention how I love books about going into enemy territory to rescue princesses??? Because I do, so there.

    The World Building:

    I really loved the world building in this book. Deserts have always been an interesting landscape for me. The ways the Stormer

  • Abigail

    This was my first ever Sarah-Addison book, but I know for sure that it will not be my last!!! I jumped to the opportunity to read this book when the arc signups first started happening. I do not regret one thing.

    Although can we please talk about this ending! Um, I know that the next book comes out next month but still I don’t think I can wait that long!!! I am hoping that Sarah has arcs for her next two books because honestly guys, I cannot wait to read the next two books!

    Everything about this

  • Elizabeth Dragina

    AHHHHH!! That was Soo amazing!! For one this is the best book I have read by Sarah Addison Fox and it surpasses most of my favorite romance novels, because of the way she can make a relationship so amazing. The whole time they are focused on their mission their growing closer without meaning to!! I love the way she writes!

    The world in this book is so uniquely fashioned and it holds such magical beauty in the way it's created. The different cultures and languages, plus the speaking dialects. I lo

  • BookWolf

    Retrieve by Sarah Addison-Fox

    reviewed by bookwolf4

    Wow. Retrieve was awesome! One thing I really love about all of Sarah Addison-Fox’s books is that the characters are never perfect. They have struggles, big and small. The trend in YA fiction seems to be that there is a girl who is supposed to be a ‘strong woman’, but the second they see a hot guy they go weak at the knees and lose all of their own personality. Retrieve isn’t like that at all. In fact, I would hardly even classify it as a romance

  • Victoria Lynn


  • Diane

    This was an interesting read. The author has made up a world that has been destroyed and now everyone poor is living with famine and a plague is killing people. Hadley is by herself as her brother has disappeared and her parents died of the plague. She joins the Stormer unit to try and find her brother. She has disguised herself as a boy. Her first job is with a senior agent Kade, they have to go retrieve something important. There are secrets and danger in this story. Lots of violence in this b ...more

  • Allyson

    After finishing up the delightful dystopian/fantasy Allegiance series earlier this year, I was beyond excited when Sarah Addison-Fox announced her upcoming series, The Stormers Trilogy. Book one of the series, Retrieve, has been said to be similar to Prince of Persia and Mulan, and I personally noticed some similar flavors of The Hunger Games as well. This colorful mix ends up producing an outstanding first installment of The Stormers Trilogy!

    What I Liked:

    Hadley's Motivation: Hadley, our heroi

  • Deborah O'Carroll

    WHAT. AAHH. There was a HUGE plot-twist near the end that had me gobsmacked, staring at my screen, and then that cliffhanger! I need to know what’s going oooon! Book 2, I need you ASAP. *collapses*

    Ahem. I’m getting ahead of myself. :P

    This is a super enjoyable fantasy/kingdom-adventure type story, with a hint of Mulan and just a smidge of Prince of Persia. Our heroine, Hadley, pretends to be a boy and joins up with our hero, Kade, who has been sent as one of the Stormers—a sort of secret special