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One wielded all the power, while the other was desperate to prove their worth. Layla Being the CEO of the most powerful tech company on the West Coast means Ive fought tooth and nail to climb the corporate ladder. I demand perfection and control over every aspect of my life. A business trip to Las Vegas leaves me with a 150-pound lap dog intent on pleasing me. The only problem is he may just run away with my heart. Danny Ive always been more of a follower than a leader, so joining the military seemed like a good choice. Then I became a Navy Seal to gain some direction, but instead became the butt of everyones jokes. That is, until Aphrodite walked across the room in her cherry red Louboutins, shattering my world completely. Now the only person I intend to follow is her. Only time will tell which one will win when the roles are reversed. Authors Notes: This standalone novel contains situations of power play in which the heroine takes the lead. Are you ready for a strong woman to ta...

Title : Power
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ISBN : 39726482
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 220 pages
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Power Reviews

  • Ann ✭*✭ Reading is my escape ✭*✭

    This book completely wow me with it's unique concept. I like the role reversal in which the heroine is the dominant instead of the hero. This was totally different from the stories I've read before. The concept of a strong heroine taking control of the hero already excites me. And my excitement never slowed down from the beginning to the end of the story. The scenes took me completely by surprise- the steamy sex and kinky times.

    If you want to read something different like a freaking hot and kin

  • Laundry

    Power is book 4 in the phenomenal Seal'ed series and y'all better strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Open your mind, your soul and your heart for this love story because it is definitely not for the weak minded. Layla and Danny's story will push not only their personal boundaries, but the reader's as well. Remember book 2, Love? This one pushed my limits and proved that I can open my mind even farther than I ever could have imagined. Because love is love - no matter the form it comes i ...more

  • Julie

    Some strong characters in this story. Layla had been hurt in the past and now needed the feeling of being of being control. And Danny, the sexual need that Layla craved was all new to Danny, but he found than his need was as equal to it too. And they found being together was what they both needed.

    It was good to meet up with the rest of the SEAL team and their spouses. The story progresses with their help and adds a little unexpected drama.

    I wonder what’s next for the series?

  • Messy Bun Book Blog

    I promise you do not want to miss this series!! I swear each book is better than the last! Layla and Danny were everything!! DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK!!

  • Kaci Stewart

    3.5 Hot Sexy Stars!

    This book in the series is VERY different than the others. Not different bad, just different. Layla and Danny meet while Danny is going out for Logan's birthday. Layla is into the dom/sub lifestyle and while Danny may not seem like that type, he 100% is. Per usual with these books, misunderstand ensues and causes issues. But in the end, love wins all. I really enjoyed these characters and the plot of this book. I'm glad to see others from the previous books as well in this sto

  • Ashley Carr, LSoR

    Oh my goodness!!! Layla is a bada$$ CEO with a horrific past. Danny is feeling lost and not part of his SEAL family. A chance meeting in a Vegas elevator turns their whole lives around. Layla likes to be in control and Danny likes the following orders so they are a match made in heaven if only Layla will get out of her own head. I was so ecstatic that Danny finally got his own story even if he wasn’t the dominant one in the relationship as the previous SEALs. I love the chemistry between Danny a ...more

  • Amy [The Little Bookworm]

    Power is the fourth book in the Seal’ed series and is Danny aka Newb’s story. This one different addition to the series in a good way.

    I have no idea who that woman is, but I damn sure will never forget her shaking the fog from my confused brain.

    Danny feels lost. He feels out of place with the group. He is the newest member to the Seal team and isn’t the only one who has paired off with someone else. Danny and the crew are in Vegas for Logan and Katie’s wedding, when in the elevator Danny has an

  • United Indie Book Blog

    Wow! I couldn't put this book down! Strong characters keep the plot moving. Layla was so hurt she needed to be in control. I love that Danny knew how to let her be in control. Together they could grow and heal.

    I like that Katie is able to love the rest of the SEAL team and their spouses. She can mother them and help them be better. She is a good leader.

    This is a great addition to this series. I look forward to the next book.

    review by Laura