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Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves

For much of his thirties, Jesse Bering thought he was probably going to kill himself. He was a successful psychologist and writer, with books to his name and bylines in major magazines. But none of that mattered. The impulse to take his own life remained. At times it felt all but inescapable. Bering survived. And in addition to relief, the fading of his suicidal thoughts brought curiosity. Where had they come from? Would they return? Is the suicidal impulse found in other animals? Or is our vulnerability to suicide a uniquely human evolutionary development? In Suicidal, Bering answers all these questions and more, taking us through the science and psychology of suicide, revealing its cognitive secrets and the subtle tricks our minds play on us when were easy emotional prey. Scientific studies, personal stories, and remarkable cross-species comparisons come together to help readers critically analyze their own doomsday thoughts while gaining broad insight into a problem that, tragicall...

Title : Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves
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ISBN : 9780226463322
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Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves Reviews

  • Oryx

    A Sacksian investigation into suicide that is not just timely, but necessary, vital, groundbreaking and wholly awe-some.


  • Nancy

    This book covers a lot of interesting territory but doesn't often summarize various lines of inquiry or clearly explain conclusions. The best (and most impactful) section was on the mindset progression of someone about to act on suicidal intentions - like ingredients in a 'cocktail' which proceed the event. Also good was the author's personal revelations and relationship to suicide which kept the book relatable and personal.

  • Judith

    Bering allows his intellectual curiosity and intimate feelings to interact - in print. A courageous writer always ready to put himself in the context of being an individual animal in an evolving population in an apparently infinite and ultimately incomprehensible universe. He is nevertheless committed to finding out where reason will take him. Always worth reading!

    As I lost a brother to suicide, and have considered it myself, this topic is of great interest. Although I am in favour of assisted

  • Mrs. Europaea

    In Suicidal, Bering discusses the risk factors of suicide via psychological, sociological, and biological theories. The psychological theories focused on the functioning of the human mind by examining thoughts, emotions, behaviors, etc., while his research on biological theories of suicide are derived from the understanding of suicide behaviors and attempts as they relate to the functioning of the human body was most intriguing as well.

    Bering discusses how the importance of suicide theories cann

  • Rob Sica

    As an academic librarian with some familiarity with current scholarship on suicide (through both my research assistance and my recreational interest), I unreservedly and enthusiastically recommend this superbly written, scientifically informed, and richly insightful book accessible to a wide and varied readership. Whether you are fortunate enough to have only a casual or more distantly philosophical interest in the topic, or have been personally touched or harrowed by suicide in the various ways ...more

  • Bart

    Bam, in your face. Wat een rit was dit boek zeg, van de psychologische benadering van zelfmoord tot zeer persoonlijke verhalen van mensen die zelfmoord pleegden. Nogmaals, verplichte kost voor psychologen, maar niet voor iedereen weggelegd.

  • Joseph

    Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves by Jesse Bering is a study of suicide and with explanations and theories. Bering is an award-winning science writer specializing in evolutionary psychology and human behavior. His “Bering in Mind” column at Scientific American was a 2010 Webby Award Honoree for the Blog-Cultural category by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Bering’s first book, The Belief Instinct (2011), was included on the American Library Association’s Top 25 Books of the ...more

  • Aimee

    Have you thought about suicide? Have you been affected by suicide? Are you just interested in what causes suicide and what makes some people more susceptible than others? If so, this is an excellent book for you. The book covers:

    • A brief overview of how genetics and differences in VENs (contributing to our ability to think about what others think of us) in the brain contribute to suicidal ideation.

    • Parasuicide and theory of mind (attempting to figure out what the individual was thinking prior