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Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves

For much of his thirties, Jesse Bering thought he was probably going to kill himself. He was a successful psychologist and writer, with books to his name and bylines in major magazines. But none of that mattered. The impulse to take his own life remained. At times it felt all but inescapable. Bering survived. And in addition to relief, the fading of his suicidal thoughts brought curiosity. Where had they come from? Would they return? Is the suicidal impulse found in other animals? Or is our vulnerability to suicide a uniquely human evolutionary development? In Suicidal, Bering answers all these questions and more, taking us through the science and psychology of suicide, revealing its cognitive secrets and the subtle tricks our minds play on us when were easy emotional prey. Scientific studies, personal stories, and remarkable cross-species comparisons come together to help readers critically analyze their own doomsday thoughts while gaining broad insight into a problem that, tragicall...

Title : Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves
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Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves Reviews

  • Maddy Reid

    In A Very Human Ending: How suicide haunts our species, Jesse Bering attempts to unravel the seemingly impenetrable mind of the suicidal individual through psychological, biological, evolutionary and sociological exploratory lenses, but perhaps most emotively, through personal testimonies. Exploring Roy Baumeister's stages of suicidality, Bering presents the story of Victoria-a seventeen-year-old who took her own life-in her own candid words taken from her diary, correlating each step with chron ...more

  • Bob

    Outstanding, timely book on an important subject. Dr. Bering does an excellent job of summarizing what we know about suicide while weaving in his own struggles with suicidal ideation. Research results are outlined and complemented by relevant experiences, including current media (e.g., 13 Reasons Why) and the journal entries and notes left by people who died by suicide. It was especially helpful to read two chapters focused on the 1990 research of Roy Baumeister on why people die by suicide (i.e ...more

  • MentalHealthAtHome

    Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves by psychologist Jesse Bering is an attempt to make sense of the complex phenomenon of suicide from a variety of different angles including psychological, biological, spiritual, and evolutionary.  The author admits that he takes an intellectualized, scientific perspective to try to gain a broader understanding, and he does a good job of examining both the strengths and weaknesses of various ideas on the subject.  He encourages the reader to set preconceptions aside ...more

  • Emma Pulling

    This book seems to me like the author had a word limit to hit so he just wrote about random stuff in places. However, I do think everyone should give this book a read, especially the chapter about a young girl named Vic. Beautifully written

  • Kerry

    An interesting look but a lot of good points.

  • Ruth Cierkens

    Interessante kijk op een heel interessant thema. Heel nuchter geschreven, verschillende visies die aanbod komen en wetenschappelijk onderbouwd. Boeiend!

  • Kat

    A very good albeit terrifying read that examines the reasons, biological, social, moral, and historical, that people have to end their lives. The downward spiral that leads to suicide is a frighteningly easy one to slip down; many of the descriptions of the thought processes and perceptions rang true for me since I've experienced at least the beginnings of that spiral only a few years ago. This book is more story-like in that it uses the author's experiences and anecdotal evidence a lot, but doe ...more