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The Dakota Winters

An evocative and wildly absorbing novel about the Winters, a family living in New York Citys famed Dakota apartment building in the year leading up to John Lennons assassinationIts the fall of 1979 in New York City when twenty-three-year-old Anton Winter, back from the Peace Corps and on the mend from a nasty bout of malaria, returns to his childhood home in the Dakota. Antons father, the famous late-night host Buddy Winter, is there to greet him, himself recovering from a breakdown. Before long, Anton is swept up in an effort to reignite Buddys stalled career, a mission that takes him from the gritty streets of New York, to the slopes of the Lake Placid Olympics, to the Hollywood Hills, to the blue waters of the Bermuda Triangle, and brings him into close quarters with the likes of Johnny Carson, Ted and Joan Kennedy, and a seagoing John Lennon.But the more Anton finds himself enmeshed in his fathers professional and spiritual reinvention, the more he questions his own path, and fissu...

Title : The Dakota Winters
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The Dakota Winters Reviews

  • Robert Barto

    In reading this book, I realized how much happened in 1980! I remember most of it - - the hostages in Iran, Ted Kennedy running against Jimmy Carter, the "Miracle on the Ice," the Scarsdale Diet doctor murder, and the assassination of John Lennon. Lennon is a character in the novel and Joan Kennedy also is a minor character. The Winters are a family who live in the Dakota apartment building in New York - - the narrator of the novel is Anton Winter, son of Buddy Winter, a talk-show host who is a ...more

  • Jill Waldman

    I've been really struggling to describe why I hated this book. I got it in a Secret Santa scenario, and the cover keeps fooling me into thinking it's the Emperor's Children. I've read like 5 books with this cover wanting it to be The Emperor's Children. It's not. Which is really unfair.

    It's set in the Dakota in 1980, which was the year John Lennon was shot there. So it's the story of this guy in his 20's, the dad is a Johnny Carson type who has just had a nervous breakdown. He comes and lives wi

  • Marcia Miller

    A funny, touching, family-oriented recent-past novel, set in New York City in 1980. That was the year I moved to NYC myself, lived in the general neighborhood, shopped at the same stores, ate at some of the same restaurants, etc. Very nostalgic on many levels, and a highly entertaining read.

    The Dakota of the title is the famed apartment building on W. 72nd St. (across from Central Park), home to the Winters family. Patriarch Buddy Winter recently had a nervous breakdown, walked off his popularly

  • Melissa

    4.5 Stars. Having been born only 3 weeks before John Lennon was shot and killed in front of the Dakota, most of the cultural references in the book were lost to me, and gave me quite an education about the year 1980. A few things, like the birth of 24 hour news and the Iran Hostage Crisis were recognized, but I knew nothing of the Reagan presidential race, Jean Harris, or Gordon Liddy. The descriptions of “old New York” were interesting to read, considering that I visited years later in the earl ...more

  • Chris Roberts

    The whole of verbalized human interaction,

    is a redundancy of self-predicated absurdity,

    constantly articulated, time-time, again-again.

    What 1979?

    NYC, 1977, crazier summer blackout,

    Son of Sam, graffiti tagged subway trains,

    get mugged, repeat, Studio 54, cocaine.

    Setting. The whole country hates New York City.

    NYC, true to the cankering state that holds it,

    is peopled with besotted, semi-beings,

    who skulk the filthy streets trench-footed.


    Chris Roberts, God Today

  • Sam

    It is 1979. New York is changing. Anton Winters returns to New York from a stint with the Peace Corps. He has nearly died from Malaria. His dad, talk show host and raconteur Buddy Winters, is recovering from a nervous breakdown. Anton has long been his dad's wingman, and Buddy needs his help to get his career back on track. Anton went to the Peace Corps to make his own way. He doesn't really need to trail after his dad for the rest of his life, however charming Buddy is.

    The real star of The Dako

  • Toto

    A quick, absorbing read at first, and utterly devoid of any significance in the end. Could have been a vapid Vanity Fair article about a tv talk show host in the 1980s living the famed NY apartment complex the Dakota, with its most famous occupant John Lennon and that Yoko in the background. I am not one who thinks that the rich and famous, ipso facto, do not deserve our literary attention, or the poor, ipso facto, do. But you've gotta give me reason to read about either. Here we have this man w ...more

  • Jill

    Halfway through The Dakota Winters, I stopped momentarily and asked myself: what is the key story here? Is it the story of the narrator Anton, who is in danger of being overshadowed by his charismatic and damaged by his late-night talk show host father, Buddy Winters? Or is it a homage to his neighbor and friend, John Lennon (yes, THAT John Lennon) who also lives at the Dakota?

    Tom Barbash wants the book to do both, but ultimately, I’m not sure it did. The excellence of the book comes from captur