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"Driven by the heart-pounding suspense of a high-stakes poker game, Bluff is a vivid, compelling novel about deceit, seduction, and delicious revenge that will keep you spellbound and cheering as you turn the last page." -Susan Cheever, New York Times bestselling authorOne-time socialite Maud Warner polishes up the rags of her once glittering existence and bluffs her way into a signature New York restaurant on a sunny October day. When she shoots Sun Sunderland, the "Pope of Finance," as he lunches with "accountant to the stars" Burt Sklar - the man that she's accused for years of stealing her mother's fortune and leaving her family in ruins - she deals the first card in her high-stakes plan for revenge.Maud has grown accustomed to being underestimated and invisible and uses it. Her fervent passion for poker has taught her that she can turn a weakness into the strength to take advantage of people who think they are taking advantage of her. It's uncanny how she reads them.Her intimates ...

Title : Bluff
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ISBN : 35158438
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Bluff Reviews

  • Janet

    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it!.

    "Driven by the heart-pounding suspense of a high-stakes poker game, Bluff is a vivid, compelling novel about deceit, seduction, and delicious revenge that will keep you spellbound and cheering as you turn the last page." -Susan Cheever, New York Times bestselling author

    One-time so

  • Melanie

    This book was so much fun, and made me wonder why I hadn't read any previous titles written by this author. It's almost like Jackie Collins Lite. A fun, fast-paced read during which the reader does not need to expend extra brain power to figure things out, Bluff begins with the high-society murder of the century, and takes you on a rollicking ride with Maud Warner, Jean Sunderland and Danya, and various other quirky characters who help to flesh out the story.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the author's wr

  • Patricia Doyle

    Thankfully, I was on a bus trip and I could read all day. That’s good, because I could keep reading to the end and didn’t have to put this page turner down to let life get in the way. I was pulled in from the very beginning and was happily engrossed through to the last paragraph.

    It’s about Maud who shot a man. We know she did it. Sounds simple, right. Not so much. There are twists and turns, cleverly written back stories, interesting characters, unlikable Burt and Sun, high society matrons, pok

  • Katherine

    Bluff is Jane Stanton Hitchcock's sixth novel and pays homage to her newfound love of poker. The story is a quirky whodunit in which we already know whodunit, we just don't know why. Mad Maud Warner, former New York City socialite is convinced that shady Burt Sklar robbed her mother Lois of her fortune and had a hand in the death of Maud's beloved brother, Alan. She's taken every opportunity to let all of New York's elite know what a crook Sklar is but instead of gaining sympathy, all Maud has d ...more

  • D.J. Mitchell

    Poker serves as the back drop for Jane Stanton Hitchcock’s novel Bluff. A murder mystery, Bluff, is not so much as a whodunnit as it is a whydunnit. Hitchcock’s novel entertains and ensnares the reader in its interesting story line with fascinating characters. Each chapter is precision-blended with sophistication, suspense, and an appealing amount of clever sarcasm about modern day villains masquerading as elite entrepreneurs in New York City’s high society. What’s particularly refreshing about ...more

  • Aimee (Book It Forward)

    A murder mystery at its finest with an unlikely murderess at its core! Bluff doesn't make you wait to find out who murdered a man in cold blood. This bit is told right in the beginning and we are left to unravel the mystery as to WHY it happened. I loved the twisted plot and the pacing of the story. The characters and their back stories were fascinating, and I LOVED that the main character was an older woman named Maude. Mad Maude for the win! She was a character I loved rooting for. The revelat ...more

  • Brooke Banks

    I did not think I could be won over for a story following the privileged rich. While I realized the writing was great from the get-go, the name dropping name brand fashion blah blah in the beginning had me thinking I was right - this wasn't going to work for me.

    And then the one line right before the shooting...And then the wife...The run...The dinner.

    Once I got a little farther than the Bookish First Impression preview, I couldn't put it down. When I had to put it down, I kept thinking about i

  • Katie B

    This book has one of the more memorable opening scenes I've read this year. Maud Warner, a 50+ year old socialite walks into the Four Seasons restaurant in NYC and shoots a man named Sun Sutherland. She then proceeds to walk out calmly and ends up boarding a train headed to Washington D.C. But why did she shoot Sun instead of the man he was lunching with, Burt Sklar, the person she blames for losing her family's fortune?

    I think the real strength of the book is the writing style. It's quirky and